Saturday, March 12, 2011

What are you willing to do?

        Our world is ever changing. It seems like every new day comes with a new revelation of how fragile our way of life is. This week alone, in but a few minutes, an entire country was devastated and will never be the same again. In another part of the world a large area is in upheaval and unrest that may bring change to the very structure of many countries. The financials of our country seem to be hanging in the balance and our way of life may no longer be able to be maintained. The future of the world is in a crucial turning point.  
        What kind of a future do we really want?My generation seems to be crying out for more then this current life. We long for peace, security, equality, hope, love, and most of all truth. These things seem to be lacking in the world. We all have heard people complain about the economy and the government then you ask them what they have done to make a difference and all you get back is a blank look and an excuse that it doesn't make a difference what you do it wont change anything. Many people are doing what they can and many more just don't know what to do to make a difference, but for the rest of you it is time to take a hard look in the mirror and honestly ask yourself am I doing all I can to better the world?
         Sacrifice is what is needed to make a real change. There has never been any real change or advancement without sacrifice. Our own country was set free by the sacrifice of its people. Our founders, men and women alike, all made tremendous sacrifices to stand for freedom and truth. They put their lives at risk for themselves but even more importantly for future generations. Somehow we have walked away from this selflessness into selfishness and single generational world view. If we hate our present circumstances how can we not push forward to bring change for our offspring? Do we really want to pass this current world to our children? The sacrifice required to bring real change is not easy and will not always be pleasant. We will have to live in lack and will have to work hard. Our patterns of thought and priorities will have to change and we cannot be focused on what we have lost but on what we will gain. We will have to live a life of generosity and put our pride aside for the betterment of the whole. If we choose not to sacrifice we will be forced to live without. Our children will have to pay for our unwillingness. Keep this in mind next time you cry out for change, because all change is coupled with sacrifice but we will gain so much more then we ever sacrificed. 

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